Egg Banking

Egg banking involves the cryopreservation of female eggs for future use. Egg banking includes the collection of eggs from the ovaries via an egg retrieval procedure, dehydrating them, and finally freezing them. Eggs can be stored for years at an egg donor bank, or even decades and successfully thawed, inseminated using ICSI with in vitro fertilization, and then transferred to the uterus to achieve pregnancy. Atlantic Reproductive in Raleigh, NC provides an egg bank for women throughout Raleigh, Cary, Durham and beyond as part of our fertility preservation services.

Reasons to Consider Egg Banking in Raleigh, NC

At Atlantic Reproductive, our doctors safely extract and preserve your eggs, until you’re ready to attempt pregnancy. Mostly commonly, patients seeking to freeze their eggs fall into one of the following categories:

  • Want to Delay Pregnancy – For a variety of personal reasons — from building a career to seeking a partner — some women wish to wait to try to become pregnant.
  • Have Been Diagnosed with Cancer – Chemotherapy can greatly impact a person’s reproductive health, leaving little or no eggs.
  • Age – Age and early menopause can also reduce the number of child-bearing years available to certain women.

The retrieval of eggs is very similar to the IVF process, which includes a series of injectable medications designed to stimulate as many healthy eggs as possible.

Your doctor will be happy to consult with you about your options and answer all of your questions regarding egg banking. To begin the process, please contact Atlantic Reproductive Center today toll-free at (855) 248-8777. Work to extend your fertility with the caring doctors at our clinic.

Also, if you’re looking into egg banks, you may want to consider embryo banking, too.