Sarah Lincourt – Financial Coordinator

Sarah works as a Financial Coordinator at Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Specialists, handling payments, verifying insurance information, and answering patient financial questions. 

A graduate of UNC-Charlotte with a minor in public health, Sarah has always wanted to work in healthcare. Now at ARMS, she is delighted to be part of a medical practice that helps people build the families they have dreamed of. In her previous work position as the manager of a swim school, Sarah was called the “baby whisperer” because she is exceptionally good with children.

Sarah loves spending time with her family and friends, and if that time can be at Disney World, all the better!  Or at a beach 4-wheeling! And as a native of Cary, Sarah knows the beaches of North Carolina well. She also actively participates with The American Red Cross and The Caring Community Foundation, a non-profit that helps families dealing with cancer by providing financial, transportation, and other means of support.    

Compassionate and funny, Sarah brightens the day of everyone she comes in contact with, be it in the office or anywhere else.