Infertility Therapists & Counseling

Trying to get pregnant quickly can be a physical and emotional challenge for both women and men. Testing and treating the issue is important — but so is tackling the mental difficulties that arise as a result.

As a part of Atlantic Reproductive’s comprehensive approach to treatment, we provide fertility counseling by caring, dedicated therapists who are available to help you cope with all of the issues that arise from dealing with infertility, including, but not limited to:

  • Dealing with grief
  • Coping with anger
  • Stress on a marriage or partnership
  • Talking with family & friends
  • Handling a tough diagnosis
  • Sexual challenges
  • Confronting anxiety & guilt
  • Considering newborn babies for adoption
  • Financial commitments
  • and much more

It’s important to note that fertility therapy from Atlantic Reproductive is not administered in a support group setting — we provide individual counseling sessions for women, men and couples.

For couples trying to get pregnant quick and facing difficulties, working with a professional therapist can help along the way.For couples trying to get pregnant quick and facing difficulties, working with a professional therapist can help along the way.

Benefits of Receiving Fertility Therapy Treatment in Raleigh, NC

  1. Gain Insight – Psychological therapy can help patients make insights and discover new goals in order to improve outlook or relationships.
  2. Relieve Stress – Something as simple as talking to someone who will listen intently to you can provide a great deal of stress relief.
  3. Feel Empowered – Infertility can sometimes seem overwhelming — it can dominate your daily thoughts and actions. Overcoming obstacles can restore positive feelings in yourself and your relationship.

To schedule an appointment for counseling, contact Atlantic Reproductive today at (855) 248-8777. We proudly serve patients from Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville and beyond.

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