Natalie King – Third Party Program Director

Natalie King’s journey to becoming Atlantic Shared Beginnings Program Director arose from her own journey with infertility. She needed a treatment that wasn’t common at the time and started to research the current methods being used. This led to her pursuing her education to become an embryologist and later get her BioBehavioral Medicine degree.

Natalie’s time as an embryologist gave her a lot of insight into the psychological side of infertility. She considers it her duty to inform and instruct patients about the procedures they will be having and also to be there to listen to their emotional concerns and do everything in her power to alleviate them. She brings these special skills to her role as an embryologist for CHITAI Fertility in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti as well.

Natalie is originally from Lake Tahoe, California and moved to our area for her career. She loves the East Coast beaches and has been lucky to make life-long friends. You can find her at the baseball park cheering for her daughter, Addie, who plays on the Lady Nationals travel team. She also loves spending time with her older sons Ty, Coda, and Dylan. In addition, she volunteers for a student art program that encourages and recognizes children’s talents in the arts.