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ASB Donor Programs

Atlantic Shared Beginnings is Atlantic Reproductive Medicine’s In-House Donor Agency

Atlantic Reproductive Medicine has a trusted in-house Donor Agency: Atlantic Shared Beginnings. Medical staff are shared between our two organizations.

Why did we choose to bring Atlantic Shared Beginnings into our clinical space? To ensure that our doctors can work seamlessly with the best professionals in the field of donor programs and our patients experience outstanding individualized care.

Here are the benefits that Atlantic Shared Beginnings offers our patients who are seeking to grow their families with donor eggs or donor embryos:

  • Our Team: The ASB team consists of highly experienced medical professionals, both doctors and nurses, in the field of donor programs.
  • Fully Screened Egg Donors: ASB’s egg donors undergo comprehensive medical and psychological testing before matching, unlike most agencies.
  • Hassle-free Experience: We spare our patients the extensive time, money, and administrative challenges of searching for egg donor agencies.
  • Smooth Coordination: We provide seamless coordination between your trusted doctor and your egg donor agency as we are both in the same clinical location.
  • Personalized Donor Care: ASB provides excellent, personalized care and coordination for our donors.
  • Peace of Mind: You can rest easy knowing that both you and your donor are in the very best of hands, receiving individualized, tailored, and exceptional care. Your peace of mind are our top priorities.

For more information about Atlantic Shared Beginnings, click here:

Our Third Party Director and Nurse practitioner, Stephanie Bartlett, looks forward to speaking with you.

Egg Donor Information for Patients

We know that choosing an egg donor is often accompanied by many emotions and can feel very overwhelming. There are many different options available, and it is important to fully understand each one so you can make the best decision for you. Our Third-Party Team is here to help you navigate the choices available to you.

Below is a list of options with considerations to keep in mind when making your decisions. After reviewing this information, know that our Third Party Director, Stephanie Bartlett, and her team would be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions.

Using AR’s In-House Egg Donor Program

  • Atlantic Shared Beginnings is the in-house egg donor program at Atlantic Reproductive Medicine.
  • Patients can choose between fresh egg donors, frozen eggs, or donor embryos.
  • Donors are FULLY screened and ready to cycle.
  • There is little to no wait time for matching.
  • Donors complete their cycles entirely at Atlantic Reproductive Medicine (no travel necessary).
  • Programs include all donor fees as well as IVF lab fees (with the exception of the frozen egg program, where patients are only purchasing eggs).
  • Our third-party team handles coordination of both the donor cycle as well as your cycle.

Fresh Eggs vs. Frozen Eggs

  • Fresh eggs have a higher fertilization rate and embryo development than frozen eggs.
  • If the semen analysis is abnormal, it is preferred the patients select fresh eggs over frozen eggs as the fertilization rate is higher with fresh eggs.
  • More donor choices are available for frozen eggs.
  • Frozen eggs can be a faster option as the eggs are already available.
  • Patients need to purchase enough frozen eggs to reach their family-building goal, as not all frozen eggs survive the freeze-thaw process.

Using Frozen Egg Banks

  • These banks offer frozen eggs only.
  • Cohorts are available for selection right away.
  • Frozen egg banks tend to have more options for patients who are looking for specific characteristics in a donor such as certain ethnicities.
  • Program fees include the cost of purchasing a cohort of eggs.
  • Shipping and IVF lab fees are paid separately to Atlantic and are the responsibility of the patient.

Next steps in considering an egg donor cycle

  • Connect with your provider at Atlantic Reproductive Medicine to review all egg donor options.
  • Reach out to our Nurse Practitioner and Third Party Director, Stephanie Bartlett, with any questions:
  • Research and understand the costs that are associated with different agencies if planning to use an outside agency or bank.
  • The Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Third-Party team can provide you with a list of approved frozen egg banks.

Click here for the website of Atlantic Reproductive’s in-house donor agency, Atlantic Shared Beginning.