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Gestational Carrier

Gestational Carrier

If you are longing to expand your family but are facing challenges conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term, you are not alone. Our team at Atlantic has years of experience in helping people become parents through gestational surrogacy. We are here to provide you with vital information and compassionate guidance as you explore the option of working with a gestational carrier.

What You Need to Know

Gestational surrogacy allows a person to carry a child for a woman who cannot get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term due to medical conditions. It involves a legally binding agreement between the gestational carrier and the intended couple or parent. It is common for the intended parents to be involved with the gestational carrier throughout the pregnancy and attend the birth.

Read Gestational Carrier FAQs

Gestational Carrier Agencies

Atlantic Reproductive works with several gestational carrier agencies to help our patients with their family building goals. We recommend reaching out to the different agencies to find the one that works best for your needs.

Family Inceptions
IP Exploring Surrogacy (
Phone: 844-404-BABY

Village Surrogacy
Intended Parents | Durham | Village Surrogacy
Phone: 919-533-3080

Carrying Hope
Carrying Hope, A Surrogacy Agency (
Phone: 828-553-6216

Circle Surrogacy
Full-Service Surrogacy Agency for Intended Parents | Circle Surrogacy
Phone: 984-308-0684

What to Expect

Once you become established with an agency, the agency will send us gestational carriers to review. Your chosen gestational carrier will then undergo medical evaluation as well as psychological evaluation. Once cleared, you will finalize a legal contract with the carrier.

Atlantic Reproductive follows the guidelines of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine for gestational carrier screening and treatment.  Gestational Carrier (Surrogate) |

Get Started

If you are interested in starting a journey with a gestational carrier, or want more information, speak to one of our experienced fertility specialists in North Carolina today.

Third-Party Reproduction Services

Egg Donor Recipient

Egg Donor Recipient

The decision to proceed with in vitro fertilization (IVF) using donor eggs is a highly personal and sometimes daunting decision.

Embryo Donor

Embryo Donor Recipient

Are you interested in high-quality donor egg/ donor sperm embryos? We have a specialized in-house agency that helps grow families with high-quality donor embryos.  Learn more on our Embryo Donor Recipient page.

Sperm Donor

Sperm Donor Recipient

Atlantic Reproductive works with preferred sperm banks that can provide sperm from a quality donor in order to fertilize an egg.

Become a Gestational Carrier

Gestational Carrier

A gestational carrier carries a child through birth for a person or couple via IVF. Atlatnic Reproductive can provide recommendations on gestational carrier agencies in the Raleigh area and beyond. Atlantic’s Third Party team is experienced in working with gestational carrier cycles.

Egg Donors

Become An Egg Donor

The donation of an egg requires the ovum from a female. This egg can be used for in vitro fertilization. If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, please register with Atlantic Reproductive on our Egg Donor page.