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Affording Care

Affording Care

Atlantic Reproductive Medicine provides personalized financial counseling services to each patient. We understand that fertility evaluation and care are stressful and that paying for fertility treatment can add additional stress. We are here to help you find the best financial options for building your family.

To give you a head start on affording fertility treatment, we have prepared the following:

Our financial team is always here to answer your questions about affording care.

Watch this video to learn how Atlantic Reproductive Medicine helps you understand and navigate financing your fertility treatments.

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Affording Fertility Treatment Transcript

Susannah: So I’m here with Izzy from our financial department. Izzy, what would you like patients to know about their financial journey with Atlantic?

Izzy: Well, really that we’re just here to help you along your journey, and we’re just another tool in your toolbox and a resource to use. There’s so many different things to navigate, whether if you have insurance and you need authorization or if you have no insurance coverage and you just are a self-pay patient, we just are here to help you navigate these stressful times and we don’t want to be another obstacle in your course of starting your family.

Susannah: So when you’re working with our patients, there is the insured patients, there are the self-pay patients, tell me a little bit about what patients should be thinking about as they approach their financial counseling session.

Izzy: Well, definitely if you have insurance, we hope that you speak with your insurance company so that you come in here with an understanding of what is and what’s not covered, and it just helps guide our conversation, and if things are not covered we can look at different program options. There’s a wide variety of things we can do to help benefit you and that’s why we’re just another asset to their patients because we just we truly want to help them.

Susannah: For our patients who have insurance, we’re frequently asked what is the role of Atlantic and what is the role of the insurance as we go through prior authorization.

Izzy: Yeah so ultimately insurance is a contract between the insurance company and the patient, so we can only do so much. We do the best that we can to try to get the authorization, but sometimes there are obstacles that we can’t address that the patient does need to go directly to the insurance company or even their HR to get certain things resolved. We try the best that we can to help them navigate and which department they need to go to for depending on the issue that they’re having, but definitely being an active participant and understanding that we can only do so much and we just we try our best to make it as least stressful for our patients, but sometimes there is going to be those situations where they have to really be an active participant and advocate for themselves.

Susannah: Yes, and I’ve always also been impressed at how our team will within the role that they can advocate for our patients, but I hear you about the active participant part. Insurance. I tell my patients it’s a blessing, but it’s also a challenge how you work through the process to get to that coverage.

Izzy: Yes, it definitely can be difficult, but if you’re willing to go through all the hoops and the obstacles they put up for us, it can definitely be very rewarding in the end.