Find an Embryo Donor

Many times, after a woman or couple has successfully brought a pregnancy to full term through in vitro fertilization or ICSI, there are additional frozen embryos available. On certain occasions, these new parents wish to help give the gift of life to another individual or couple by donating their remaining fertilized eggs.

If you need assistance with getting an embryo donation in Raleigh, Cary, Durham or beyond — or if you’re searching for another form of third-party reproduction such as egg or sperm donation, contact Atlantic Fertility Center at (855) 248-8777 today to begin the process.

How Does Raleigh-Durham Embryo Donation Work?

Embryo adoption is a process that requires the participation of a trusted embryo donation organization and the team at Atlantic Reproductive. Acting as a referring doctor, we can put you in touch with an agency that can help you sort through all the legal and financial pieces, in addition to assisting you with finding a donor.

Once a match has been made, our team can facilitate the safe transfer of the embryo to the recipient in our fertility clinic in Raleigh, NC through implementation.

Contact Atlantic Reproduction for More Information on Embryo Adoption

For more information on becoming an embryo recipient, reach out to Atlantic Reproductive. Our experienced, compassionate doctors are available to help answer your questions — we want to be the expert opinion you turn to!

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