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Embryo Donor

Find a High Quality Embryo Donor

Are you interested in high-quality donor egg/donor sperm embryos? We have a specialized in-house agency  that helps families achieve their goal of pregnancy with  high-quality donor embryos.

Atlantic Shared Beginnings (ASB) is our in-house preferred agency that has a unique embryo program. Embryos are created from high quality egg donors and donor sperm. Patients can choose to create a new embryo profile or they can select an embryo that is already created. Atlatnic Shared Beginnings’ Embryo Program is different from traditional embryo donation programs: ASB’s embryos are created from young, healthy donors whereas traditional embryo donation comes from embryos created from couples undergoing their own fertility journey.  Our embryos from young donors increases the success of an on-going pregnancy. 

Learn all about Atlantic Shared Beginnings here.

Contact Atlantic Shared Beginning for More Information on Becoming an Embryo Recipient

For more information on becoming an embryo recipient, contact our Third Party Director at Our experienced, compassionate third party team is available to help answer your questions — we are the expert team in-house who can answer your questions.

We proudly serve women and couples from all over the NC Triangle: Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville, and beyond. Schedule your consultation with Atlantic Reproductive!

Third-Party Reproduction Services

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Atlantic Shared Beginnings

Atlantic Shared Beginnings offers unique programs that use donor eggs and partner or donor sperm to create embryos. We offer different programs for each individual need.

Embryo Donor

Embryo Donor Recipient

Are you interested in high-quality donor egg/donor sperm embryos? We have a specialized in-house agency that helps grow families with high-quality donor embryos. Learn more on our Embryo Donor Recipient page.

Become a Gestational Carrier

Gestational Carrier

A gestational carrier carries a child through birth for a person or couple via IVF. Atlantic Reproductive can provide recommendations on gestational carrier agencies in the Raleigh area and beyond. Atlantic’s Third Party team is experienced in working with gestational carrier cycles.

Sperm Donor

Sperm Donor Recipient

Atlantic Reproductive works with preferred sperm banks that can provide sperm from a quality donor in order to fertilize an egg.

Egg Donor Recipient

Egg Donor Recipient

The decision to proceed with in vitro fertilization (IVF) using donor eggs is a highly personal and sometimes daunting decision.

Egg Donors

Become An Egg Donor

The donation of an egg requires the ovum from a female. This egg can be used for in vitro fertilization. If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, please register with Atlantic Reproductive on our Egg Donor page.