Egg Donor Testimonials

Donor Testimonials

Two-Time Egg Donor Shares Her Experience

Written Testimonials from Egg Donors

“Becoming an egg donor was something I had always thought of doing, but never knew much about it until I came across an ad on social media one day and felt it was my “sign” to learn more. I had two children of my own. I was young and healthy and felt my family was complete and that it was my time to help someone else create or complete their family. Atlantic Reproductive is so wonderful to work with and helped ease all of my fears.My biggest worry before donating was knowing I would have to give myself daily injections. My nurse Tracy and Angela were amazing at walking me through every step of the way and I never felt alone during this process. Once my first donation cycle was complete, the feeling of knowing that I helped create life, I helped give that Mom or Dad the dreams they had been praying for, had taken over me. A few weeks later, Dr Copland had contacted me and stated there was another couple who was interested in my eggs. I immediately said yes, which led me to donating in total 7 times.Fast forward 5 years later, I have recently learned what it was like to go through the heartache and struggle of trying to conceive and infertility. My husband has low sperm count and we were given the news that IVF was our best option. We transferred one embryo this past spring with Dr Copland, and sadly miscarried at 7 weeks. We will be transferring another embryo next month. It has opened a whole new perspective on egg donation and life for me.To my recipients: If you could read one message from me. I feel so blessed to know I was able to help fulfill your dreams. I wish I was able to see the smile on your face when you saw that heart beat for the first time. Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts and I feel so grateful and honored that you chose me to help you through the challenges of infertility. I do wonder from time to time who that child is, what he/she looks like, what their interests are, but when I think of that, I find a big smile on my face and have zero regrets of donating. For anyone contemplating on egg donation, take that first step.Create your online profile and speak with the specialist about your worry’s and fears. You may realize it’s not for you, or you may find your heart pulling you in the direction to help give the gift of life.”

~ Anonymous

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”

“I made the decision to become an egg donor for Atlantic Fertility in late 2017. In making this decision, I received a lot of different opinions from people. Some asked how I felt knowing “I” had children out there in the world somewhere and how I would feel if they found me in the future. Without hesitation I responded, “I don’t have children, I am not their mother.” Now, I know this may be hard to understand for some people, and that’s totally okay, not everyone has to understand my reasoning. But to me, I provide the DNA for a MOTHER to create life within HER belly, not mine. It is HER blood that gives life to that child, HER nutrients that help grow that child, and HER stomach that provides shelter for that child, not mine. The first voice that child will hear is HERS, not mine.

So did I provide the means to create that life, absolutely, there is no question about that, but is it my child? Absolutely not. As far as anyone finding me in the future, I am not worried. As an anonymous donor I am protected by Atlantic Fertility; should the child try to reach me, it has to be through Atlantic Fertility and I still reserve the right to remain anonymous regardless. Another question I asked was if I was only doing this for the paycheck and to this, I felt offended. We, as women, are given such a gift to create life though a lot of women still struggle with this. My very first appointment at Atlantic Fertility, I had the opportunity to chat with a recipient women just starting their journey through IVF. One woman had just finished chemotherapy and was struggling to conceive, another was born with malformed fallopian tubes and was even younger than I was. Seeing this pulled at heart strings so hard. To know that I have the capability to give these women their ultimate dream of motherhood made the decision to become an egg donor simple. It’s the most rewarding experience I have ever had.”

~ Anonymous