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ARMS Exciting News

Clinic Renovations

You asked, and we’re delivering……Exciting developments at Atlantic Reproductive Medicine

Phase I:

Lab Expansion Completed!

The main lab was closed for renovation to increase the efficiency of workflow in the embryology lab. We added new workstations for additional lab staff and expanded our cryo storage area.

Phase II: Completed!

During this phase, we renovated our semen collection rooms. Our new collections rooms are designed for comfort, privacy, and ease of use.

This exciting renovation stage also included the redesign of our newly acquired space in Suite 301 to create more space in our clinical area and allow for more office space and education rooms down the hall.

Phase III: Close to Completion

Beginning in early April, we will redesign our current space in suite 306 to include a new MD office, advanced practice provider rooms, offices for our third-party services, and a financial meeting area.


Renovation Photo Gallery: Photos capturing our progress

From our very first days of our renovations through to its completion, we will be sharing our progress with you in this photo gallery. So stay tuned!