Preconception Counseling FAQ

Getting pregnant and childbirth are among the riskiest things that women ever do.  With Preconception counseling, many potential problems can be reduced or prevented.  If you’re just starting to think about getting pregnant or if you’ve had difficulty getting pregnant, preconception counseling is right for you!

We discuss all matters that could potentially have an effect on your pregnancy including: medical history, reproductive history, lifestyle, genetic disorders, weight, medications that you are taking, diet and exercise, environmental health threats and maximizing fertility.

You should schedule a session with an experienced fertility doctor in Raleigh 3-6 months before you plan to conceive.

Anyone who is planning on building their family.  Preconception counseling can help any person maximize their chance of becoming pregnant.

Some issues that occur during pregnancy increase the risk of having them again during subsequent pregnancies.  Things such as preeclampsia, high blood pressure, and gestational diabetes are more likely during second or third pregnancies.  However, with preconception counseling you can learn how to mitigate the risks.

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