Evaluation & Preconception Counseling

Are you considering having a child? Choosing to have a baby is a big and exciting step in life’s journey. Whether you’ve conceived before or this is your first time, getting started in the right direction with a preconception counseling session at one of North Carolina’s most well regarded fertility clinics – Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Specialists – will help ensure you’re on the best path for successful conception.

We recommend scheduling your preconception counseling session 3-6 months before planning to achieve pregnancy. When you meet with one of our fertility doctors, they will learn about your health history, including any medical conditions you currently have that could affect a pregnancy. If you have had previous pregnancies, they will discuss any issues or concerns that you may have had. They will look at any current medications you are taking, as well as discussing vaccinations that may be appropriate and steps you can take before pregnancy to help prevent certain birth defects.

What to Expect from a Preconception Counseling Session

The fertility doctors of Raleigh’s Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Specialists are compassionate and dedicated to their mission: Building families one relationship at a time. Preconception counseling takes place in our fertility practice where you and your doctor will meet, establish a relationship, and gain a better understanding or your overall health and family goals. Your meeting will include:

  • A thoughtful and connected conversation regarding your questions and concerns
  • Review of Your Medical History & Background
  • Possible Lab Work
  • Physical Exam
  • A discussion of next steps

To facilitate your meeting, we will provide you with a series of detailed questions regarding your reproductive, medical and family history, such as:

  • Has anyone in your family had diabetes?
  • Have you ever had any postpartum complications?
  • Do you suffer from, or have you suffered, any serious medical issues?
  • Are you currently in a monogamous relationship?
  • Do you have any sexually-transmitted diseases?

You’ll also be asked about your overall lifestyle at home and at work, which includes questions about your diet, how much exercise you get and more. It’s important that these questions are answered as honestly as possible, so your doctor can provide you with the highest level of consultation to support you on your journey to conceive.

Preconception Counseling
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