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Univfy FAQs

Univfy FAQ

Your financial situation and the financial package offered will affect how you decide to pay for IVF and can ultimately impact your chance of conceiving. IVF treatment can be emotionally and financially stressful. Many patients can feel defeated and decide not to continue treatment after their first IVF cycle fails, even if they have good probabilities of success with one or two more IVF cycles. You can maximize your chances of having a baby with IVF by focusing your efforts on affording up to 3 IVF treatments if needed instead of putting all your hopes and resources on one. The Univfy PreIVF report and refund program will help you understand your chances and lower the financial risk of treatment. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing a refund, you would have more financial freedom to choose other family-building options.

Univfy’s predictive technology was developed by Stanford University researchers, using a rigorous scientific process to develop and validate a customized IVF prediction model based on the data of individual IVF providers. To develop the predictive model, Univfy analyzed data from more than 150,000 IVF cycles and 500,000 embryos in large research collaborations with IVF centers across the globe. The model analyzes factors in your fertility profile, including age, body mass index, ovarian reserve test results, semen analysis, and clinical diagnoses. Traditionally, a patient’s probability of a successful pregnancy with IVF was determined based on age alone. Univfy’s research and analysis show that more than 50% of patients have a higher chance of success than age-based analysis.

No single factor determines whether you are eligible for a refund program. Eligibility is determined based on your holistic health data‚ including your reproductive history, BMI, age, and your partner’s sperm analysis, among other clinical factors. More than 50% of patients have higher probabilities of IVF success than estimates based on age alone. You will learn whether you qualify for a refund program when you receive your personalized Univfy PreIVF Report from your doctor after you complete your diagnostic tests.

Univfy’s machine learning and AI technology make it possible for IVF providers to qualify up to 80% of patients for an IVF refund program, compared to traditional refund programs pre-dating machine learning techniques that use artificial age or blood test cut-offs that only qualify a small number of patients.nnOur validated predictive analysis shows that more than 50% of patients have higher probabilities of IVF success than estimated on typical age-based analysis. With the Univfy PreIVF Report, patients know their probability of success in the first, second, and third IVF cycle so they can choose a financial plan that is best for them. Providers working with Univfy offer the same refund price for all their patients that qualify, no matter their clinical diagnosis.

Univfy-powered refund program includes the cost of three IVF cycles and frozen embryo transfers, so that you have the best chance of conceiving a healthy baby with your own eggs.

IVF is the most effective treatment for infertility, but the high cost can be daunting for many patients. Univfy technology uses a combination of machine learning and AI to help IVF providers qualify 50 to 80% of their patients for an IVF refund program. A refund program helps you choose IVF in a way that saves precious time and money, while improving your chances to have a baby by helping you afford multiple cycles of treatment. With a refund program, your provider will give you a partial or full refund in the unfortunate outcome that you are unable to conceive after 3 treatments of IVF.

Patients receive the Univfy PreIVF Report from their provider free of charge during their follow-up appointment after completing their diagnostic tests. The comprehensive report uses your health data, including your BMI, reproductive history, ovarian function test results, clinical diagnosis, and your partner’s semen analysis, among other clinical factors, to determine your chances of having a baby with IVF after 1, 2, or 3 treatments. You can see how your chances with IVF compare with your probability of conceiving naturally or with alternative treatments such as intrauterine insemination (IUI). In addition, the report will tell you if you qualify for an IVF refund program, which works to lower the financial risk of possibly needing more than one IVF treatment to have a baby.

Univfy is a predictive data analytics platform developed by Stanford University researchers that applies machine learning to your health data and your provider’s past IVF outcome data to provide accurate and personalized predictions of your success with IVF. Your personal probabilities of success with IVF and your financial options are included in a single Univfy PreIVF Report that you receive from your provider after completing your diagnostic workup. Knowing your probability of success for each IVF cycle can help you make confident decisions about your treatment and how to plan for it financially. Statistically, more than half of IVF patients drop out of treatment after their first cycle fails, most likely due to financial risk and the uncertainty of outcome. Personalizing information about your health and situation can help you choose the best path.