Monitoring Service for Referring Clinics

When a fertility patient lives in the Raleigh area but receives care from a fertility program in another city, the directing fertility clinic often finds it beneficial for some of their patient’s monitoring to be done locally. Atlantic Reproductive Medicine can provide such a service to the directing fertility clinic at their request. These services include lab work with an ultrasound.

Monitoring Service for Referring Clinics -ARMS

Setting up Remote Monitoring:

1. The patient calls Atlantic Reproductive (AR) to arrange for remote monitoring care.

2. AR creates a patient chart and sends appropriate consent forms for signatures.

3. The referring program sends an order to Atlantic Reproductive’s front desk staff, usually by fax to 919-248-8776.

The order can also be sent via email to:

 The order should include:

a. What tests are being requested
b. When the tests should be performed
c. Instructions on how to return the results to the referring fertility clinic

These steps ensure that Atlantic performs the correct service for the referring clinic.

4. Atlantic Reproductive front desk staff scans the order into the patient’s chart.

5. Atlantic Reproductive front desk staff schedules the ordered service.

6. Atlantic Reproductive clinical staff compares the scanned order with the scheduled order, confirms the service with the patient, and then performs the ordered services.

7. Atlantic Reproductive clinical staff then sends the results back to the referring clinic as instructed.

Since Atlantic is not in charge of the patient’s care, we do not interpret the results. That is the responsibility of the referring clinic.

 8. The referring clinic interprets the results.

9. The referring clinic communicates the results & the plan of care to their patient.