Coronavirus COVID-19 and Your Fertility Journey

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Personalized Fertility Care Resumes May 4

Doctors Walmer & Copland provide an update on plans to minimize the risk of viral transmission among patients, staff and community in the era of COVID-19

Resuming Patient Care Safely – Summary of Key Points in the Video

We have been actively testing our systems as we ramp up both diagnostic procedures and treatment cycles. Our leadership team has created strategies and best practices to safely resume your care while maintaining social distancing during the COVID-19 era. Here are the protocols we have put in place:

Preparing for your in-office appointment:

  • You will receive an email prior to your appointment with a link to Atlantic’s Resumption of Care Consent. Please read and sign the form online.
  • Please plan to wear facial covering while in our office. 
  • Please plan to come alone. However, partners not being seen are more than welcome to connect via phone during your appointment.
  • Please understand that there could be a slight delay between appointments as we limit the number and duration of in-office visits. We will continue to make every effort to see patients as quickly as we always have.

What to expect when you arrive at our office:

  • You will be asked a series of screening questions and we will check your temperature with a digital oral thermometer prior to entering the office to ensure 

you don’t have a temperature greater than 100 degrees.

Procedural Changes:

  • Your entire appointment will happen in the exam room in order to ensure optimal disinfecting practices between patients.
  • You will be tested for COVID-19 (using the nasopharyngeal swab method) before resuming cycle starts or procedures that require sedation. 

How we will use Telehealth to support your care:

  • For appointments that do not require an examination and for post-examination discussions, telehealth provides a virtual way for us to converse and see one another. It is a valuable tool for continuity of care when in-office visits aren’t practical or necessary. It also supports our efforts to effectively resume care and maintain recommended social distancing.

The measures our staff are taking:

  • Our staff will answer screening questions and undergo temperature checks at the beginning of each workday.
  • All staff will be wearing masks. 

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