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Tina Manley, RN, MSN

Chief Operating Officer

Tina started her nursing career as a new graduate in 1991 at Labor and Delivery at Duke Hospital, where she worked for 6 years before moving to the outpatient world as a nurse manager. Three years into this position, she was promoted to Health Center Administrator for the Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Division, where she met Dr. David Walmer and Dr. Susannah Copland. During this time, she worked with Dr. Walmer to build the Duke Fertility Center, an offsite facility.

In the summer of 2012, Tina made a life-changing decision to leave Duke after 21 years and join Dr. Walmer and Dr. Copland in practice administration at their new practice, Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Specialists. “Every day I wake, I am thankful to God for giving me this opportunity.  I know I made the right decision.”

Tina Manley

Tina’s colleagues describe her as calm, strong, trusting, and professional. She is known for her ability to build a well-functioning team – placing people in the right place for their skills and talents to get the job done.

Tina is an area native, having grown up in Northern Orange County, where she still lives today in a home she built with her husband right across from the one she grew up in with her parents. Family is very important to Tina.  “Everything I do outside of work revolves around my family.”  Her two daughters are in high school, and both are very active in sports.  Tina and her family love the water, and during the summer months, when not working, you will find her at the lake.

Watch this video to meet Atlantic Reproductive Medicine’s Practice Manager, Tina Manley:

Meet Tina Manley, Practice Administrator Transcript

Susannah: I’m here with Tina Manley, Atlantic Reproductive Practice Manager, and to me Tina, in her role in building and coordinating our systems of care, is present in everything that is Atlantic Reproductive. But Tina, share with us how you might interface with patients.

Tina: So the most that I will interact with patients is through our patient satisfaction forms and our feedback forms because we want to hear back from our patients because that’s how we’re going to improve our practice and try to make their patient journey the best and their patient experience the best they can be.

Susannah: I’ve always been impressed with how when I’ve received feedback and conveyed that we’re growing and learning. That next transition is to connect them with you, and then when I get that circle back from the patient, they really know that we’re going to internalize it and then move forward in care.

Tina, can you tell us more about our Quality Team?

Tina: Sure. So when we get the feedback from patients either through patient satisfactions or through their comments, then we take that information in. We love to hear your feedback when it’s great, but we also want to hear your concerns or any issues that you may have had during their visit, and that helps us because then we take that back to our quality team, and we’re able to look at our processes and then try to improve on those and make the patient experience the best that we can make it.

Susannah: It sounds like the quality team is part of our personalized care model, so thank you.