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Once you are matched with a recipient, the process takes 6-8 weeks.

  • First, you will have an appointment with a nurse to review the monitoring procedures and medications involved.
  • After taking birth control pills for a short time, you will be given medication to stimulate your ovaries.
  • Ovary stimulation happens with natural hormones given by daily injection. As a result, you will have multiple eggs available simultaneously. Stimulating the ovaries and harvesting eggs takes about 11-16 days.
  • A second medication is started when the follicles reach 13-14 mm, to prevent the premature release of the eggs. Ultrasound and blood estrogen levels monitor progress.
  • When the lead follicles reach 15-20 mm in size, you will receive one last shot of a medication called Lupron (GnRH agonist) 36 hours before your scheduled egg retrieval. The Lupron prepares the eggs for fertilization and loosens their attachments to the follicle.
  • The morning after taking Lupron, you will come to the clinic and have your blood drawn to see whether the trigger shot worked.
  • The night before your egg retrieval procedure, you will be asked to stop all food or drink after midnight.