About David K. Walmer, MD, PhD

Former Division Chief of Duke University’s Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility and founder of Duke’s Third Party Reproductive and Fertility Preservation programs, Dr. David Walmer co-founded Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Specialists with Dr. Susannah Copland in 2012 with the goal of providing patients access to the latest, state-of-the-art, evidence-based technologies tailored to each patient’s values and resources. Dr. Walmer’s personal passion and professional goal is to care for patients in a way that is relational and empowering, the foundation of Atlantic Reproductive’s tagline: “building families together.” Dr. Walmer believes that “what we do is bigger than who we are because we start journeys that change lives forever.” As the father of 5, Dr. Walmer occasionally says, jokingly, that one of his goals is to help patients eventually have “what was I thinking?” moments. Dr. Walmer has authored 45+ peer-reviewed research publications and is a WebMD expert. Each year since 2008, David has received Castle Connolly America’s Top Doctors for Women award and the Annual Top Doctor award from his NC Ob/Gyn peers. He is the inventor of the Cerviscope and SIPS procedure, as well as founder of Family Health Ministries, a non-profit committed to supporting international communities in their efforts to build and sustain healthy families. Dr. Walmer remains a faculty member of Duke University’s Global Health Institute.

Becoming an Egg Donor: Giving the Gift of Life

In addition to helping others start a family, perhaps you want to further your education? Maybe your student loans deferrals are ending? Perhaps you need reliable transportation or are planning to travel abroad?

Whatever the reasons, we are glad you’re here and want to provide helpful information […]

Becoming an Egg Donor: Giving the Gift of Life2018-09-25T08:54:45-04:00

INVOcell: Is it Right For You?

Fifteen years ago, the conceptwas devised but the technology was not there to support it. INVOcell is a gas permeable plastic capsule made in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratory and contains a mixture of eggs and sperm. The eggs and sperm are collected in a manner similar […]

INVOcell: Is it Right For You?2018-12-18T16:38:25-05:00

5 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Affect Infertility In Women

Are you planning to expand your family soon? Did you know that infertility in women can be affected by diet and lifestyle?  Making a few simple lifestyle changes now may boost your chances of conceiving. Take a look at five simple ways you can improve your fertility […]

5 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Affect Infertility In Women2017-07-21T08:11:00-04:00


Welcome to The Communication Process at Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Specialists

At Atlantic Reproductive, we want to make communication as simple as possible. One of the ways that we do this is by giving you access to your medical records through your patient portal.   By logging into your portal you may:

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The Worst Thing You Can Say During Infertility

By Keiko Zoll, a contributor to the Seleni Institute, a nonprofit mental health and wellness center for women and mothers in New York City.

Anyone who has gone through infertility knows the conversation too well. It begins at a family holiday gathering, a girls’ night out or even in […]

The Worst Thing You Can Say During Infertility2015-03-11T10:23:21-04:00

NIH Study Links Ultraviolet Filters to Pregnancy Delays

Researchers identify two chemicals that appear to reduce fertility in men.

Certain sunscreen chemicals used to protect against ultraviolent rays may impair men’s ability to father children in a timely manner, according to a study by the National Institutes of Health and the New York state Department of Health’s Wadsworth Center. […]

NIH Study Links Ultraviolet Filters to Pregnancy Delays2014-11-19T19:06:56-05:00

The Pros and Cons of Becoming an Egg Donor

02A15FX8Donating eggs or oocytes so others can become parents is a life-changing gift of life and it is decision that only a few healthy, fertile women ages 21 to 31  have the opportunity make every day. Whether you are motivated to […]

The Pros and Cons of Becoming an Egg Donor2016-10-18T10:30:53-04:00

4 Ways to Take Part in National Infertility Awareness Week

2013-join-the-movement-imageNational Infertility Awareness Week is here, and this your chance to do something to change the conversation around infertility once and for all. Whether you have experienced infertility personally or through someone close to you, this is the ideal opportunity […]

4 Ways to Take Part in National Infertility Awareness Week2016-10-17T13:12:36-04:00

4 Steps to Finding Out Whether You Need Fertility Treatment

The ability to conceive is a life event that most couples take for granted and it can be one of the most frustrating and devastating of life’s detours when it doesn’t happen as expected.  For some couples this is the first time that they realize that they are not […]

4 Steps to Finding Out Whether You Need Fertility Treatment2019-06-19T13:05:40-04:00