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Welcome to Uncle Dave’s Corner

Uncle Dave’s Corner is a place where I hope to reconnect and/or to stay connected with the people that have been meaningful in my life as I transition from practicing clinical medicine to supporting women’s health care in Haiti, spending more time with family and friends, learning how to propagate plants, keeping the body in motion, and pondering life’s mysteries. I named it Uncle David’s Corner because many of the people that I hope to stay connected with are the families that allowed me/us to be part of their pursuit of parenthood during my career.  Whether we achieved our goal in the way that we hoped or not, we became family, and I learned many lessons from our journey together.  One of those life lessons is that the journey is the destination.  I poured my heart and soul into that journey and would love to stay connected as my, and maybe our, journey continues.

Anyone who wants to stay connected can reach me through my Atlantic email address ( and through that I can share my phone number (if you don’t already have it) and my home address which I hope will become a place that you come to visit.  I would love to hear about your family milestones, share our life adventures, and hopefully continue to experience some adventures together. Atlantic Reproductive Medicine is a special place, and I am excited to continue my relationship in a new capacity.  Its vision of building families together was founded on a principle of loving people where they are, including patients, staff, referring providers, and now its patient graduates.

Life is about relationships, and I hope that many of you will reach out so that we can stay connected.

Uncle Dave