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INVOcell: An FDA-approved Path to Parenthood That Can Make Fertility Treatment More Accessible to Patients

Facing infertility is one of the hardest parts of the journey to parenthood. In 2016, Atlantic Reproductive became the first fertility clinic in Raleigh to offer INVOcell, an FDA-approved device that allows women to incubate eggs and sperm themselves, which can drastically decrease the costs of fertility treatment as well as make it more accessible to patients.

Atlantic Reproductive patients Katie and JK and WRAL’s very own Kathy Hanrahan, editor for Out & About share their story and path to parenthood with WRAL’s Brad Johansen.

Katie and JK’s Story

After two failed IUIs and countless fertility medications, Dr. Susannah Copland introduced Katie and JK to INVOcell as soon as the device became available as a viable fertility treatment path option for them.

Dr. Copland is invited by WRAL to sit down with Brad Johansen to share more information about INVOcell and it’s treatment outcomes, how it works and why INVOcell is a viable option for patients that are candidates to begin treatment.

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