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Fertility Testing for Women & Men in Raleigh-Durham, NC

What’s preventing you from growing your family? At Raleigh, NC’s Atlantic Reproductive, a leader in fertility tests and treatment in the Triangle, we seek to answer that question for our patients.

Fertility tests provide an opportunity for our endocrinologists to assess a woman’s or couple’s overall fertility. The results can then be used to determine the fertility window, make a diagnosis and discover any potential roadblocks so a positive plan of action can be mapped out. Utilizing the skill and experience of our caring doctors at Atlantic Reproductive, we can then determine the proper method of treatment for you.

Testing for Infertility, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss & Preconception Counseling in Raleigh

Our fertility clinic in Raleigh, NC wants to place you on the pathway to a healthy pregnancy. We’ve worked with women, men and couples from across the Triangle and the state of North Carolina, providing:

  • Preconception Counseling – Also known as pre-conceptual counseling, this initial consultation typically occurs before a woman or couple tries to become pregnant.
  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss – Recurrent miscarriage, or recurrent pregnancy loss, is not normally diagnosed until a woman has had at least two or three miscarriages. Our endocrinologists can run comprehensive tests in order to pinpoint the cause, or causes, of RPL.
  • Ovarian Reserve Testing – Our fertility experts can run a fertility test for women that screens the ovarian reserve. It indicates the likely number of eggs the ovaries are able to produce.

*Male infertility testing through semen analysis is also available at Atlantic Reproductive.

Make an Appointment at Our Clinic

Blood work, ultrasounds, follicle counts, biopsies and more can all be safely utilized to thoroughly test fertility. If you’re searching for an answer, Atlantic Reproductive is here to help you unlock your family potential. We’re currently accepting new patients, as well. Please request a consultation at our fertility clinic in Raleigh by calling (855) 248-8777, or feel free to fill out our convenient online contact form and one of our staff members will be in touch.

Atlantic Reproductive serves nearby patients from Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Wake Forest, Fayetteville and Chapel Hill, as well as those in Greensboro, Charlotte and beyond. We also offer satellite monitoring in Wilmington and Morehead City.