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Heterosexual Couples

Heterosexual Couples

Let’s chart your journey to conception together.

If you’ve been trying to conceive for more than 12 months and have not achieved a viable pregnancy, you’ve naturally begun to wonder about infertility. The path to conception is often filled with an array of emotions ranging from excitement and hope to worry and fear. Sometimes achieving a healthy pregnancy happens quickly, while in many other cases, for reasons that can remain unexplained, it does not.  At Atlantic Reproductive Medicine Specialists, we meet you wherever you are on your path to conception. We focus on getting to know your values and beliefs so that your fertility treatment plan fits your lifestyle and gives you peace of mind. Our commitment to forging a fertility treatment plan that aligns your heart and mind makes us unique, as well as one of the best fertility clinics in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina and the Atlantic region.

Preparing For Your Journey

Our fertility doctors can help you determine which fertility treatment is right for you through a comprehensive fertility evaluation. Through detailed and thorough fertility diagnosis and testing, we can identify what may be causing any failures to conceive.

Our fertility doctors will often focus on these four main areas during your fertility evaluation.

Helping Heterosexual Couples conceive

Values and Beliefs

Every family holds specific values and belief systems that directly impact their everyday lives. When building a family, we believe these beliefs and values should be acknowledged and worked through.

During our fertility evaluation, we’ll learn more about your family’s beliefs so that when we begin to chart your fertility treatment journey, it complements your family in every way.

Health and Lifestyle

Your health and lifestyle play a key role in your fertility health. Fertility evaluations often help identify areas where you can improve your overall health and thus improve your chances of conceiving.

Physical Examinations

There are a number of fertility tests that can provide insight into fertility challenges, such as hormone evaluation and semen analysis. These tests help us identify the fertility treatments best suited for you.  

Medical History

A comprehensive medical history can help our fertility doctors learn more about your body and fertility health. Learning more about your body helps shape fertility treatment paths that are more likely to help you achieve a viable pregnancy in less time.

Let’s Create Your Path Together

Building your family while facing fertility challenges takes courage. With the right fertility treatment path and support, your journey to conception can be one that honors your beliefs and fits your lifestyle. Our fertility clinic in Raleigh employs the most advanced assisted reproductive technologies, nationally recognized fertility doctors, and a nationally recognized fertility lab director.

Let’s chart your journey to conception together. Schedule a fertility evaluation today to get started.

Helping You Conceive

Helping Your Conceive: Heterosexual Couples

Heterosexual Couples

If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for more than 12 months and have not achieved a viable pregnancy, you’ve naturally begun to wonder about infertility. We are here to help.

Helping Conceive: Same-Sex Couples

Same-Sex Couples

Through long-established fertility treatments, there are many pathways to building a family as a same-sex couple. Our experienced fertility doctors are here to help you chart your course.

Helping Conceive: Single Women

Single Women

Deciding to have a baby as a single woman is a life-changing decision. We understand your decision to have a child and will partner with you to determine the fertility path that meets your family goals and honors your values.

Helping Conceive: Single Men

Single Men

Just like women, men experience feelings of their “biological clock ticking.” Many single men feel the urge to start families and turn to fertility treatments to make it happen. Let’s chart your course together.

Helping Conceive: Transgender

Transgender Couples

As you consider transition, it is important to plan ahead if you’d like to have biological children. If having children before beginning your transition is not possible, you have options that can preserve your fertility. Let’s chart your course together.

Known Genetic Diseases

Known Genetic Diseases

One in six couples will experience a genetic disease or defect that could be passed onto an unborn child. This unique circumstance requires guidance and support. Don’t chart your course alone; we are here to help.

Advanced Maternal Age

Advanced Maternal Age

Are you 35 years old or older and ready to start your family or wish to extend your family? While being 35 years of age or older is considered an advanced maternal age, many other factors can influence your fertility health.