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Marijake Caprell

Director of Brand Management

Marijake has passionately worked in the field of fertility for over 25+ years. She joined Reproductive Medicine after many years working in preconception genetics and fertility pharmaceuticals. She now cherishes the opportunity to work directly for fertility physicians and their team who share her passion for helping individuals build their families. 

Marijake’s role at Atlantic Reproductive is to oversee the patient experience to ensure that Atlantic’s commitment to personalized, outstanding medical care is felt by each and every patient.

“The physicians at Atlantic are special in the field of fertility. I have known Dr. Walmer from the earliest days of my career, and I met Dr. Copland when she was a fellow at Emory University. I learned so much about the science of reproductive medicine from these outstanding professionals. All our physicians at Atlantic Reproductive know that personalized care, expert scientific knowledge, and cutting-edge technology must come together and be delivered by a dedicated and professional team to produce the very best results for patients.”   –Marijake

Marijake Caprell