Patti Borgmeyer – Financial Coordinator

Patti has 10+ years experience helping patients navigate the financial and benefit issues most are working through when seeking fertility treatment to have the family they dream of. Her work helps patients and their families understand IVF cost, third party reproduction options and more options related to starting a family with reproductive assistance. She loves her work because she is able to be there to offer the guidance and assistance necessary during what is for many patients their most important life journey. Patti is guided by her favorite Mahatma Gandhi quote: “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it.”

Patti’s passion for helping others extends out into the community as well, where she is involved with Mercy For America’s Children, a North Carolina based non-profit group advocating on behalf of children awaiting adoption in the US Foster Care System.  Patti is married with a daughter and sees successfully raising her daughter through college and into her adult life as one of her biggest goals.

Patricia (Patti) Borgmeyer- Financial Coordinator