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  • Application – Click here to apply to become an egg donor: Donor Application
  • Screening – Screening is free and includes a consultation with one of our endocrinologists, a physical exam, infectious disease screening, genetic testing, and a psychological evaluation.
  • Matching – If you are designated as an eligible egg donor, you will be matched with a waiting recipient.
  • Preparation – you will transition from birth control pills to injected fertility medications. You will then be monitored with ultrasounds and blood work approximately six times over the following week or two, and your medications will be adjusted accordingly if necessary. When your eggs are finally ready for retrieval, you‚Äôll self-administer one final injection that will determine the arrival time for your procedure.
  • Retrieval – The actual donation procedure takes less than twenty minutes. You will be sedated and monitored in our Raleigh fertility center. Altogether, this visit will take approximately two hours, and you‚Äôll need someone else to drive you home.