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Prenatal Massage & Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a unique blend of art and science that can relieve stress, clear the mind and soothe the body — all of which can be extremely beneficial to a woman trying to conceive.

Atlantic Reproductive, a leading Raleigh, NC fertility clinic, offers an on-site massage therapist that specializes in prenatal and pregnancy massage. Whether you are just exploring fertility treatments, feeling upper back pain during pregnancy, or experiencing back pain after a pregnancy, our knowledgeable massage therapist can help. Appointments are available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons in the Atlantic Reproductive Center office at Brier Creek.

To schedule a session, call and book directly at (919) 593-8065.


Work with Our Raleigh, NC Prenatal & Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Jasmine has worked in the medical field for more than 10 years, maintaining a primary focus on alternative practices. She studied massage therapy at Winter Park Tech Avalon Campus in Orlando, FL, and graduated in July of 2011. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the states of Florida and North Carolina.

Her diverse background has allowed her to work closely with both Eastern and Western physicians, igniting her desire to study Holistic Medicine, which she is currently working on. Jasmine has always been extremely fascinated by the beauty of pregnancy and childbirth. In 1999, she trained as a Doula with DONA International and has had the privilege of assisting mothers during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


Massage therapy can be part of an overall
wellness plan for women who are trying to,
or have, conceived a child.


Jasmine believes in the power of massage therapy to heal the mind, body and soul. A treatment with Jasmine is often described as “therapeutic” and “deeply relaxing.” She relies on her intuition and knowledge of the human body to deliver individualized treatment to each of her clients. She is trained in Swedish, hot stone, prenatal, and cupping, a technique commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine which promotes localized healing by improving circulation to treated tissues.

Jasmine is a devoted mother of two who enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, being outdoors and expanding her mind.

 “I look forward to talking with you about your specific needs and the opportunity to lead you on a path of healing and relaxation.” – Jasmine

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